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HiKjærlighet My name is Renete and I'm a Norwegian girl, who grew up in the countryside. I've lived in the city for about 14 years now, and I like the smaller cities best.

One of my biggest passions is fashion. That's why I started this blog about fashion and other things which interest me. My style philosophy is to be yourself and dare to use colors you like, because there's so many beautiful colors to choose from. I really enjoy being creative. When I dress up, I often show my artistic side through the clothes I'm wearing. 

I think style is about confidence and comfort, but it's also an art. We should wear something that reflects our personality. I think you show confidence through the way you dress. Also, don't forget the accessory. It's an upgrade to every outfit and gives a personal touch.

I use jewelry like rings, bracelets and earrings, and I like bags and shoes. But not too much of it at the same time. I think it's more tasteful to keep it simple.


Pinup Girls



Another passion that I have is writing. I write poems. Many of them are here in my blog now.

Melancholic Poems

Princess Poems

Romantic Poems


Astrology is something that interests me a lot. I've always had an open mind for it, but it was about two years ago, in 2014, I became more deeply interested into it. 


The Ascendant


I'm creative at, and uses both polyvore and pinterest for inspiration.

Lattori Dresses

Pinup Looks


I hope that other people out there, who find my blog interesting, will follow me through my blog. Maybe some of you will be inspired too.

Pinup style- Curvy and fabulous!


I've always been fascinated by the pinup style. I think this look allows women to embrace their curves, to be girly and help them to show off their feminine qualities. I also think it's important for every woman to own their femininityKjærlighet


I think it's great when your inner personality matches the outside. It brings confidence in a harmonous way.

If you learn to love yourself inside out through the clothes you're wearing, then it's enough. No matter what other people think or say, cause you know you're good enough anyway.


Pinup looks- 50s


Photo and description is found at

Stunning LBD (The Little Black Dress)


Maria Wiggle Dress in black ponte: Stop the presses... the Maria Wiggle Dress is a headline-grabbing honey of a dress. Made of high-end black ponte that doesn't pill, wrinkle, and has memory stretch for the most flattering fit ever, the Maria Wiggle Dress has a high, square-neckline, strategic seaming to bring out your curves, 3/4 length sleeves, a rounded v-neckline on the back, and a contrast red bridal satin sash that is sewn in place.

Finished off with a back zip and walking slit, this dress is a comfortable yet chic evening dress that you'll never want to take off!


Pinup Couture: The Renee Dress is the dress version of a wink! Unbelievably cute, this sweet swing dress is made of cotton sateen and features a full skirt with pockets, a 1" wide waistband, and adjustable straps that cross-over at the back.

The charmeuse-lined bodice is simply entrancing with its faux-tie sweetheart neckline, lightly padded bust for coverage and shape, and of course, a triangular cut-out on the waist to show a hint of skin.

Finished off with a back zip, this dress is elasticized across the top of the back to ensure a comfortable fit and is available here in this classic solid black!


Laura Byrnes: California Monica Dress in black the Monica is a wonder of a wiggle! The beautiful crossover bustline features soft, clear elastic to hold it to your skin and allows the sleeves to sit slightly off-shoulder. The fabric is a unique matte knit that will not pill, resists wrinkles, and has beautiful drape and stretch.

A built-in stretch Bengaline shaper for the bust, waist, and lower hip gives support, structure, and holds you in, while the gathered outer fabric disguises the internal structure and gives you a sleek and clean silhouette. The result is an incredibly sexy and attention grabbing wiggle dress with the structure to have you looking your best.


Photos and descriptions are found at


The Magic Dress

Poem by Renete


 I choose to love myself today

I’m glowing cause I own it

This is my day

No one can break it

I put on some magic

On my graceful body







This dress shows honesty

I’m not afraid of my femininity

I can express myself

And be the glamorous woman

I were always meant to

My distinctive dress

Gives me curvy elegance


The dress is magic

My confidence and comfort

I show it off

I don’t need to hide

This beautiful figure


I strike a pose

In my beautiful clothes

I look gorgeous

I feel fabulous

This is marvelous

I don’t need others to be my mirror

I’m my own mirror now


I’m wearing my favorite dress

It embraces me tight

I choose to shine tonight

In the sparkling disco light


I don’t care what they think or say

It’s not important to me anyway

It feels like freedom

When I meet his eyes

It makes me shine so bright

I believe in magic tonight


Sailor Swing dress in navy with white trim. This whimsical nautical-inspired swing dress features a vintage inspired structured bustline that lifts and enhances, a fitted bodice, and a full swing skirt with contrast sailor trim at the hem. The contrast belt ties everything together perfectly, and this dress is made from the highest quality stretch bengaline and features the impeccable construction and fit that's made us famous. And like all Pinup Couture styles, it's surprisingly comfortable! Proudly made in the U.S.A., Los Angeles, to be exact!

Pinup Couture: "Jenny" skirt in dancing horse print: Gathered for extra fullness, it's made of a generous helping of our quality cotton sateen with a wide waistband and back zipper. The result is a nipped in waist and gorgeous skirt volume for a classic 50's feel that feels positively delightful in our pink, gold, and black dancing horse print.

Take Me Down Town, Tonight

Poem by Renete

Hey baby, you know

You can pick me up 

Anytime you want

Our relationship is like  

A roller coaster ride

But we both seem to like it that way

So baby, I need you to

Take me down town, tonight

Take us down town, tonight

I'm in great mood

Feels so good


My hair in curls

Shiny red lips

Smashing powerpumps

And the little black dress

I'm ready yeah, so ready, yes

Just want to have some fun

So let's party

I'll be your girl tonight, baby


We go to our favorite places

And drink a lot of expensive cocktails

We kiss and hold our hands

Just like old times

It's so cool and fun

We talk and laugh a lot

I only drink one shot

Yeah that's enough for me

You dare to take three

We get drunk and dance all night long

We're just so free


We're one and one

We don't care about anyone

This night is our night

You smoke the cigarettes

I drink some more cocktails

Everything's just fine

I think you like me more when I'm like this

You can't resist my charming smile

So you give me a damn good kiss

Baby, you're the best


"Sometimes life doesn't give you something you want, not because you don't deserve it, but because you deserve more"


"When you have to start compromising yourself or your morals for the people around you, it's probably time to change the people around you"


"Real men don't assume everything's ok with their woman, they communicate with her making 100% sure everything's ok" -kushandwizdom


"Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain"

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